On any given day, you can turn on the television or flip through the newspaper and hear about SUV rollovers, toys that become choking hazards or diet drugs that cause serious and deadly side effects. These cases are sometimes the result of defective products. Unfortunately, recalls are often too little, too late. Manufacturers have an obligation to ensure their products are safe or at least warn of any hazards that could occur from using them. Unfortunately, many products are put on the market that can cause serious injury because adequate testing or research wasn’t done. Thousands upon thousands of injuries and deaths occur each year from defective parts on vehicles, household objects, machinery or defective drugs designed to heal.We’re successful because we’re not scared to take on corporate giants on behalf of our friends and neighbors. We have the resources needed to research and uncover key documents to make your case and hire world-renowned experts in the appropriate science to weaken the opposition’s case. We have court-proven lawyers and a team of professionals who work around the clock to get the compensation you deserve. We care about your situation and we’ll work hard no matter how big or small your case is.